Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Most of the time when I blog . . .

Most of the time when I blog, I like to sit down beforehand and think a little bit about my topic and what I want to say about it.

With this entry, however, I will be employing an oft-used technique known as "pulling it out of my butt."

It occurs to me that the better I get, the better I have to get.

When I was satisfied with my career of plain vanilla deps, I could go a week without touching my machine (when business was slow) and come right back without any appreciable drop in skill.

When I became a freelance freelancer and an RMR, I noticed that during slow weeks, I really ought to get in at least a couple of days' practice here & there, or my speed will suffer a bit.

When I began doing CART work, if I missed one weekday of writing or practice, my speed dropped. But I could still rest on Sundays.

Now I'm doing speed contests and CART, and if I miss ONE SINGLE DAY of at LEAST a few minutes' practice, my fingers all turn into thumbs the next day.

I didn't set out to turn this into a Magnum Steno promo, but I'm the type that if I don't have a gym membership, I won't work out. I have unused weights in my house, and I have the physical stamina of a bag of wet laundry. When my husband and I belonged to the health club, we'd weight train three to four days a week. I had no joint pain, and I entered a powerlifting competition (and won a couple of trophies). When my band did traveling gigs, I could easily lift the big ol' bass amp that would have usually been moved by a man. But once we had to cancel the membership, pfffffft.

So I have my membership in this steno health club, and I like to log on to see what the trainer has to say. And I get faster and better.

But if I skip one day--ONE DAY--my writing goes to poopy. This is my experience.

So I go to the club and work out.

And maybe someday I'll get a trophy.

And I can write it when attorneys talk really fast.

Good day.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Two Weeks to the Speed Contest!

In two weeks I shall make my premiere at the National Speed Contest. While I did compete in last year's state speed contest, I've not ... done .... the ......

*looks at calendar*

Two weeks to contest.






Waiwaiwaiwaiwait. Calm down. Breathe in; breathe out. As Mark K says in the Magnum Steno videos, "You are a Super Reporter." Because I've been practicing, have been since the beginning of this year, and practicing high-speed material at that. Speed Contests have only been my goal ever since I HEARD about them.

I AM prepared. I'm NOT a Yorkie at a police dog competition. I AM ready to run with the big dogs. It will be good.

It will be good.






Saturday, July 4, 2009

Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris CAN write two people talking at the same time.

Chuck Norris doesn't add "So help you God" at the end of the oath. Chuck Norris doesn't even give the oath. You do not lie before Chuck Norris.

AudioSync uses Chuck Norris for backup.

The judge rises when Chuck Norris enters the room.

The LightSpeed wishes it were as fast as Chuck Norris.

Because Chuck Norris writes so fast, he turns in the transcript before testimony begins.

LiveNote pays Chuck Norris for a token when he realtimes.

Chuck Norris doesn't have to scope his rough drafts. He stares them down until they correct themselves.

Chuck Norris passed the CRR with a manual writer.

His tripod is comprised of nunchucks, which he uses to beat down attorneys that talked too fast...even though he can write 1,000 words a minute.

Due to the California budget crisis, Chuck Norris discontinued the office of the Governor.

NCRA actually stands for Norris, Chuck, Reporters Association.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

My Goals, or My Court Reporting Bucket List

I do a lot of thinking and reading, 'cause that's just the person I am.

In my thinking and reading, two ideas keep surfacing: (a) You must have goals in life, and (b) You must WRITE THESE GOALS DOWN.

Zig Ziglar: "If you aim at nothing, you'll hit it every time."

So I put virtual pen to virtual paper and present my personal Court Reporting Goal/Bucket List. It'll differ from yours, but that's okay. Some items I can get taken care of; some items will take a while to achieve. Well, doggone it, that's the way it goes. One step at a time. Before Frodo dumps the ring in Mt. Doom, he's gotta first turn left.

1.) Publish at least one article in the JCR. (Originally I also had "publish an article in the ILCRA newsletter" but got that done.)

2.) Place in the National Speed Contest. (My actual goal is to WIN the speed contest, but for the Bucket List, it's just to place.)

3.) Place in the National Realtime Contest.

4.) Be PERSONALLY requested by attorneys/clients for at least one realtime or CART job per week. (because I don't have or seek my own clients--they must ask one of the firms I'm affiliated with)

5.) Earn enough income to (a) support my husband and me financially and (b) cashflow attending State and Nat'l conventions each year.

6.) Get the CRR, CBC, CCP, and RDR certifications.

7.) Earn the Distinguished Service Award for both ILCRA and NCRA. (For doing precisely WHAT? I have no clue. We'll find out.)

Lofty? Sure. I'm not putting this out there to brag. (Ferkryinoutloud, I haven't DONE any of these yet.) I want to get the ball rolling, if you will, for each of us as individuals to think about our own goals and dreams and aspirations, and then to WRITE THEM DOWN, and then to say them OUT LOUD (even if it's "virtually" out loud, like this) so we can encourage one another to reach for them.

So click on your blog and blog about YOUR goals! And then update that blog as steps are taken towards that goal. The KRORPG community at large is so encouraging to students; let's bring that encouragement to our fellow reporters/CARTers/captioners/etc. as we strive to improve our craft and advance our careers.

Here's a stip and a challenge: If you comment on THIS blog, you MUST post your own goals on your own blog.