Saturday, May 23, 2009

My Goals, or My Court Reporting Bucket List

I do a lot of thinking and reading, 'cause that's just the person I am.

In my thinking and reading, two ideas keep surfacing: (a) You must have goals in life, and (b) You must WRITE THESE GOALS DOWN.

Zig Ziglar: "If you aim at nothing, you'll hit it every time."

So I put virtual pen to virtual paper and present my personal Court Reporting Goal/Bucket List. It'll differ from yours, but that's okay. Some items I can get taken care of; some items will take a while to achieve. Well, doggone it, that's the way it goes. One step at a time. Before Frodo dumps the ring in Mt. Doom, he's gotta first turn left.

1.) Publish at least one article in the JCR. (Originally I also had "publish an article in the ILCRA newsletter" but got that done.)

2.) Place in the National Speed Contest. (My actual goal is to WIN the speed contest, but for the Bucket List, it's just to place.)

3.) Place in the National Realtime Contest.

4.) Be PERSONALLY requested by attorneys/clients for at least one realtime or CART job per week. (because I don't have or seek my own clients--they must ask one of the firms I'm affiliated with)

5.) Earn enough income to (a) support my husband and me financially and (b) cashflow attending State and Nat'l conventions each year.

6.) Get the CRR, CBC, CCP, and RDR certifications.

7.) Earn the Distinguished Service Award for both ILCRA and NCRA. (For doing precisely WHAT? I have no clue. We'll find out.)

Lofty? Sure. I'm not putting this out there to brag. (Ferkryinoutloud, I haven't DONE any of these yet.) I want to get the ball rolling, if you will, for each of us as individuals to think about our own goals and dreams and aspirations, and then to WRITE THEM DOWN, and then to say them OUT LOUD (even if it's "virtually" out loud, like this) so we can encourage one another to reach for them.

So click on your blog and blog about YOUR goals! And then update that blog as steps are taken towards that goal. The KRORPG community at large is so encouraging to students; let's bring that encouragement to our fellow reporters/CARTers/captioners/etc. as we strive to improve our craft and advance our careers.

Here's a stip and a challenge: If you comment on THIS blog, you MUST post your own goals on your own blog.