Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Almost there...

Hotel reservations? Check.
Convention registered? Check.
Train ticket purchased? Check.
Speed contest entered? Check
CRR entered? Check.

And now we wait.

I love convention. E'en tho' it be fraught with politics *achoo* and debate, e'en tho' I may spend a large percentage of my gross income on accommodations, (srsly, I'm not one of the six-figure income reporters they talk about in the news--not that I'm not TRYING for it, mind you) it's like Summer Camp for Steno Writers.

Yeah, I said Camp. I remember going for a week and getting rejuvenated with the break from Real Life and doing crazy, silly things like the Cocoa Puff Shoot. (How to play: Shove a Cocoa Puff up your nostril. Close the other one and see how far you can shoot it out your nose. Do not try this at home.)


How many bottles of Aqua Net were killed to make this picture? I'm on the second row from the bottom, sixth from the left. Aaack, dang you layout. Whole pic doesn't fit on here. But the pic didn't cut me off, at least. Maybe I'll fix this later.

So soon I get to go to the National Court Reporters Association National Convention (hereinafter referred to as "Convention," or "Court Reporter Camp"), where I expect to get rejuvenated and reenthused for my career, and for crazy, silly things to happen.

And now I'm wrapping things up work-wise...making sure all my travel t's are dotted and i's are crossed.

I'm ready to go!