Monday, January 10, 2011


... do you care that your fellow student who entered school at the same time you did is now two speed levels above you? (Are you any less graduated because you did it after her?)

... do you compare yourself with speed and realtime champions NOW? (Do you feel you must have top-tier speed NOW? Do you think they got their awards after only a couple years of working?)

... do you care that So-and-So passed the RMR in the first try, while you're taking it for the 20th time? (Are those letters any less valuable because you didn't attain them on your first attempt?)

Are you doing the best you can? Are you pursuing your goals? Are you pursuing excellence in your current or future career? Have you made progress towards the "next step," whatever that step may be for you?

Then why do you give a crap if you're doing so slower or faster than someone else?

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  1. Excellent points! It's irrational to expect to be on par with the person at the level above us. A little healthy competition is beneficial, but nothing to beat ourselves up about.


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