Tuesday, May 31, 2011

July 31, 2011, 10:15 am

That's the official time for the seminar I'm doing at the NCRA 2011 Annual Convention, which has been titled "Social Media for CART Providers."  I'll be talking about using social media as your marketing strategy -- and in my case, social media IS my marketing strategy.

I've got lots of tips to share which will apply not just to CART providers, but anyone wanting to grow their business.  Feel free to join us, even if you're not a CART provider.  I've got so many ideas and tips that I don't know if 90 minutes will be enough!

But I'm stuck on one thing:  the "brief biographical sketch" I need to submit by June 1.  This is hard to write!  Third-person writing is not my forte, but I do what I must For The Children For The Profession.

What street cred must one have to be considered a social media expert? I am more knowledgable than most on how Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn works, but NCRA hasn't developed a "Facebook" certification.

I've got my RMR and quite possibly the CCP (skills tests results pending); I'm a member of my state's membership committee and NCRA's online social media committee.  I've listed those.

I'll think of something.  You'll have to come to Vegas on July 31st to see what I end up writing.  See you in two months!

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