Sunday, November 4, 2012

Week 25: Progress is Progress

If you're wondering what The Impossible Goal is, you can read about it here. 

I first heard the phrase "progress is progress" when I did powerlifting back in the day. Yep, I used to do powerlifting.  Once we get a few more debts paid down and more room between our income and expenses, I'll get back into the gym and lift again, hopefully sooner rather than later.  But I digress.

This is me as the Eleventh Doctor for Halloween. No reason.
If your maximum bench press has been stuck at 100 pounds for one year, and you finally complete one rep at 101 pounds, that is progress! And it should be celebrated.  Even if you are stuck at 101 pounds for another year.

Again I say:  Completing school or attaining the next-level certification is NOT a race.  You don't get extra points or a gold star on your CSR because you passed it before Sally,* who passed every stinkin' class before you.  And attorneys and CART consumers don't give two schnikeys how many times it took you to pass the RPR or CRR.

My 315 wpm is officially Not Shabby.  Progress.

*No offense to anyone named Sally. I just needed a name.

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