Sunday, August 23, 2015

Parameters of the Fairly Reasonable Goal

Greetings, greetings!  This is my official post whereby I state my clear objective:  passing each and every leg of the NCRA speed and realtime contests in 2016 in one go.  I've passed each leg except the realtime testimony -- now it's time to pass them all together.  This is what I refer to as the Fairly Reasonable Goal (in homage to the Impossible Goal, what I named my 2013 Guinness record quest -- see entries tagged The Impossible Goal).

So here are my parameters, for those of you playing at home.  I need parameters or I won't get it done.  The parameters for my training will be much like those used during The Impossible Goal, which were developed by pulling them out of my butt as the situation merited.

The minimum amount of practice is three takes a day, preferably of different categories.  A "take" is usually five minutes, but if I speed up/slow down a Magnum Steno take, the time will vary and that's okay because I said it's okay.  A Magnum Steno take practiced twice counts as two times, but if I repeat it again it still only counts as two times.  One legal opinion take a day is optimal, but I'll probably get sick of the few dictations I have, but then again, I'll get ninja awesome at those and probably reinflate my legal brief arsenal, won't I?

The final practice take will be done at 9 pm, and I've set an alarm on my phone for that time.  This final practice may be skipped if:
  • I'm physically at an event like a movie, work, or a friend's house. 
  • I'm sick where I can't practice effectively.  If it's just a cold, too bad.
  • I just finished a late job where my arms are killing me.

After Christmas (or a few days after Christmas because it's Christmastime), the minimum amount will increase to four takes a day, the last two being at 5 pm and 9 pm.

After the spring semester is done, the minimum will increase to five takes a day.

Practice may be skipped entirely if I have a job where I write 5+ hours in one day.  I've already got some nerve thing happening in my arm -- don't want to wear out the organic equipment.  (My schedule this fall does have two days of five-plus work hours, but I should still be able to get in two practice sessions.)

Once a week, probably Saturday or Sunday, depending on stuff, I'll test myself on a leg and post the APPROXIMATE results here.  This will be a BALLPARK result, because I like my weekends.  But I will go through my test and give me a rough pass/fail.  I'm not going to test EVERY leg each week because, jeez, that's five five-minute takes to go over; three to fully transcribe and grade and two to grade. I'm not doing that every week because I don't want to.

Ready?  Begin!

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