Monday, September 3, 2012

Week 16: BSOD

If you're wondering what The Impossible Goal is, you can read about it here. 

The bad: main realtime laptop bluescreening on the first class of the first day of the semester.  (Actually more like grayscreening, but you know what I mean)
The good: I have a netbook loaded w/CAT software as backup for just this scenario.
The awesome: Every paycheck, I normally put a couple bucks in the piggy bank for equipment upgrades and purchase, so I got a brand new laptop!!!

So with that bumpy start to the semester, this week's update:  I'm estimating my consistent Q&A speed is somewhere around 300-320 right now, although I've had a couple spurts where I've nearly hit 350, and once the state contests are done with I'm going to concentrate fully on Q&A practice until the record attempt.

I hope to see some of you at the Illinois Court Reporters Association's annual convention this weekend in Springfield, IL.

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