Sunday, September 23, 2012


If you're wondering what The Impossible Goal is, you can read about it here. 

I'm practicing regularly at 425, and my fingers aren't flailing quite so much anymore.  Again, I'm not GETTING very much, but I'm also not dropping as much, and here and there the fingers are starting to hit more keys correctly. Soon It's going to be time to bump up the speed again.  I'm thinking next week I'll start practicing at 450.

A bit of clarity appeared last week:  If you're a member of the Magnum Steno Club, you've heard the advice several times to "fight for every word."  But I say, you don't FIGHT for every word.  YOU ATTACK.  GRAB as best you can each word as it's said and GO GET IT!! RAWR!!!!

On Sundays the past couple of weeks or so I've been testing myself at 350 wpm or a tad faster.  I haven't passed any takes yet, but there's good stretches where I'm getting it.

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