Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Week 30: Christmas Break

I forgot to blog yesterday!  Oops.

There's about a month before the next semester starts, which means I've got plenty of time now to (a) beef up my dictionary, (b) shovel briefs and phrases in my dictionary and flash card app, and (c) do lots and LOTS of speed practice.

I've also got "declutter a bit" on my to-do list, but we'll see how much THAT gets done.

With regards to my own progress, I think I'm at the gateway of 330 -- managing to get a stroke for everything, but still not quite legible -- but it's hard to look at the calendar and NOT think how much farther I've got to go.

I hope the room where we do the attempt will be warm.  If it's in a big ballroom like the last one, those places are usually so freezing even the sweater I always bring doesn't cut it.  It'd suck to have to bring a space heater to Nashville in August, but you do what you have to do.

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