Sunday, January 20, 2013

28 Weeks to Go: Positive/Negative

If you're wondering what The Impossible Goal is, you can read about it here.

No reason. I just like Grumpy Cat.
Little inside voices like to suggest sometimes that it can't be done, you're not good enough, what's the use, only the Epic people should be going for it, why try if you ARE going to fail, etc. etc.  I'm doing my best to brush them off.  Thankfully I haven't ran into anybody who has been negative to me about my goal--but I've ran into plenty who have been positive to ME but negative to THEMSELVES. "Wonderful! Boy, I sure couldn't do that!"  (You're certainly NOT going to do that if you keep telling yourself you can't.) (Heck, I can't do that NOW. That's why I'm practicing. I ain't gonna get there by accident.*)

I tried a 330 wpm just now, and while I got it in places and did NOT drop, it was mostly pretty messy.  And that's quite a bit slower than 370.  Doesn't look good for me at first blush.

But it's been five months since the NCRA speed contest where I got 280 wpm, and now I'm possibly around 320 (allowing for the messiness of that last 330). That's an increase of 40 wpm. That means if I maintain the progress, in five months--June--I should be at 360, and then that's within spitting distance, right???

*I've run into several Muggles--non-steno folk--who have expressed amazement when I mention that I have to excuse myself to practice, or that I train every day.  "You mean you PRACTICE??"  Pete's sake, it's the WORLD RECORD. Just because you've taken a few violin lessons doesn't mean you can immediately rip into the Devil Went Down to Georgia.

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  1. Devil Went Down to Georgia? You crack me up! Thank you for your weekly inspiration!


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