Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Nine Weeks to Go

If you're wondering what The Impossible Goal is, you can read about it here.

 photo createcardninedocphp.jpg Not a good past few days for practicing -- had a visit from my wonderful sis-in-law in which we went out for drinks, a tornado warning happened, and we ended up sheltering in the basement of my favorite brewpub. (Six Row Brewing Company. Their beer is YUM.)

And as a result of the storm, our power was out for a few days, so I only got a few sessions of practice here & there from a few downloaded files I had, but not the high-speed practice from the Magnum Steno Club since, well, I couldn't get online. Phooey.

And then yesterday I had some busted molars taken out of my face, which meant I felt like poop all day and did NOT practice.  I'm better today, but my jaw still feels like I went a round with Tyler Durden.

Back in the saddle again with some practice today. A few days off the practice grid does NOT mean you say "t'heck with it" and give up. Continue on.  Several months back I figured that no matter how much I practiced, after the attempt was over, I would probably wish I'd practiced more.  So a few days down is no excuse for stopping.

Now, it is also OFFICIAL that the Guinness attempt will take place at 4:30 Thursday afternoon, August 8, at Nashville.  Not the optimum time to get plenty of people to watch, but there you are.

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